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Product Price: USD 25.00



Here is the 195 degree Tstat for the single crossover only for 6.5 diesel trucks.

This is the proper fitting Tstat. Going from a 180* to a 195* is a great way to raise your MPGs. Some have reported back as much as a 3MPG improvement! For $25 its going to pay for itself in the first tank of fuel!

As with any Tstat proper maintainence has to be done on your cooling system. Atleast once every two year you should pull the radiator and clean it inside and out. It takes about an hour just to blow all the dirt, bugs…..ect from the outside alone. You will be shocked how much junk is blocking the radiator. Most of the time the area behind the oil coolers is completely blocked.

FYI: a Higher degree Tstat will not cause your cooling system to overheat, but a poorly functioning cooling system will for sure.


195 degree Tstat

195 degree Tstat

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