Auto Enginuity Scan Tool for GM vehicles 96-2016

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Perfect tool for adjusting Timing (TDCO) on the OBDII 6.5 diesel trucks, Hummers, Van, Suburbans, Buses with DS4 injection pump.

See and clear trouble codes.

Easy to use, just load software to your PC from included CD. Comes with everything you need (except PC).

Includes: CD, Cable, Interface for GM/Hummer and instruction manual.

The enhanced GM interface coverage is only matched by factory tools; we have support for 6,000+ sensors selected from all 100 systems. Finally, our enhanced GM has support for 2,000+ bi-directional commands and key system-level tests. With bi-directional controls, you will no longer be relegated to being just an observer in the operation of the vehicle–now you can take control of its operation. Support includes dual-wire and single-wire CAN powertrain support.


Note: if you have OBDI with DS4 injection pump see this scan tool instead