Carter lift pump kit for 1995-00 trucks/Suburbans. With WTS priming.

(((NOTICE))) All international customers. Please request an invoice by email. Include your postal code and a list of items wanted. Thank you.

Product Price: USD 320.00



NOTICE: we are phasing out the Walbro FRC10 and replacing it with a Carter lift pump. We have been testing it for years already and it is as good or better than the Walbro. It also comes with its own bracket.

I have been having trouble getting new stock on the Walbro FRC10 and the quality has fallen off so have decided to make the switch. Any questions please call  or email me for info.

To avoid confusion and help customers get most of what you need I have this in a kit form now.

Kit will contain the following.

  1. Carter lift pump.
  2. LP relay harness for 95-00 with WTS option.
  3. LP bypass fittings.
  4. 3ft fuel hose 3/8″.


Consider removing the tank sock and installing our LP pre filter

This kit comes with the “WTS” priming option. This means anytime your glow plugs are on the lift pump will also be pumping. This is great for pre priming the system before you crank the engine. It can help make for quicker starting after engine has been off a while.



Lift Pump Relay Harness

Lift Pump Relay Harness


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