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This is a great Lift pump (LP) to use on vehicles with a DS4 injection pump (electronic trucks are 1994-2000). We have a kit for the Hummers also look on the Hummer page.

Stanadyne recommends 9psi at the IP. Most stock LP’s never even put out that much. You will notice the truck is more “peppy”. Most users are seeing 10-13 psi at the IP at idle, then while at wide open throttle (WOT) 3-4psi. Kit comes with a connector that you connect to the factory wire harness making it “plug and play” Although you really should not run any LP on the stock harness it is very important to not run this pump on the stock harness. We recommend using this to power the lift pump LP relay harness for 95-00. And this one for 92-94
To make the installation even easier we offer LP bypass fittings kit.


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