Hummer 1992-1998 LP relay wire harness w/wait to start priming

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The 1992 – 1998 trucks run the power for the lift pump through the Oil Pressure Sensor (OPS).  The OPSs is known for failing so that the lift pump stops lifting and strains the expensive injection pump.  Also on these year trucks the lift pump only starts to prime when the engine has oil pressure (or is running).  This harness is setup in a way that it starts to prime before the engine starts and helps the engine start easier.  The third and final feature is that a small switch is located on the harness so you can prime the fuel filter with only one person.

This harness activates the LP anytime the glow plugs are on as a result your fuel system is pre-primed before you crank the engine. Results in faster starting. All of the electrical load is taken off your OPS and transferred to the harness witch is built to handle it. This harness still relies on your stock electrical system to function so that all safety features of it remain. With the standard added switch you can turn on the LP from under the hood anytime you like. This is great after changing the fuel filter to purge the air out.

This harness is also recommended for WHLP to better support the load of the more powerful lift pump.


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