KOJO tune for OBDI and OBDII

(((NOTICE))) All international customers (NON USA CUSTOMERS!!!). Please request an invoice by email. Include your postal code and a list of items wanted. Thank you. 

Product Price: USD 499.00


Kojo tunes are regarded as the best you can get. Proud to be an authorized dealer.

The tunes we primarily supply are for vehicles matched up with the A-Team turbo seen here .

Although we can have tunes made for most any combo of other brand turbo or power adders.

For OBDI (1994 1995) vehicles you will be mailed a new EPROM chip. Simply plug it in and done. The nice thing about OBDI is you can change tunes quickly.

For OBDII (1996-2000) vehicles you will need to send in a ECM to be reflashed. I recommend you supply us a good spare ECM and keep your original. Any ECM from any “diesel” Suburban or truck from a 1996-2000 will work on OBDII. Here is a great place to look for an ECM

OBDII tunes will take mail time and up to 5 days to process.

OBDI tunes take up to 5 days to process, but shipping is only one way to you so takes a few days less than OBDII does.

For all tunes you need to email all the specifics on your truck like Vin #, 2WD or 4×4, what turbo, manual or auto, gear ratio and any other power adder or any other pertanient info.


Here is is what OBDI ECM looks like. They are all located behind glove box in truck and Suburban. Notice the removable EPROM (blue chip). OBDII has a solid box with no access lid.