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Product Price: USD 164.99


This kit is recommended for the late production 1997 thru 2000 6.5 liter Turbo Diesel engines with 1/2″ ports on the block above the oil filter. We developed this kit and are the only site offering it. We’ve had a lot of customers ask, “If I just need to replace the hoses, why do all the other kits require a new aftermarket cooler, when I have a perfectly good OEM cooler?” This kit will replace the leak prone OEM hoses with hoses that may very well outlast the rest of the truck. If your engine is 97-2000 you will likely have 1/2″ ports on the block above the oil filter. Please double check fitting size prior to ordering. If you have 1/2″ ports on your block you have a High output oil pump and will need the larger cooler fittings offered in this kit. If you have 3/8″ ports you will need our other kit for 92-96 engines. Kit fits 2WD and 4×4 models. On some early 4×4 vehicles the stock hoses maybe routed differently than this kit, but still works perfectly. We also offer a complete oil cooler kit below.
Kit comes with two stainless braided hoses that are 5/8″, specially machined cooler adaptors, 45* swivel fittings and the block fittings.


Keep your Factory/OEM engine oil cooler and upgrade the problematic hoses to -10AN (or 5/8″) stainless steel braided hose with teflon lining.