LEROY’S -10AN Oil Cooler Hose kit 92-96

(((NOTICE))) All international customers (NON USA CUSTOMERS!!!). Please request an invoice by email. Include your postal code and a list of items wanted. Thank you. 

A quick way to tell what factory cooler you have is to try a 1″ wrench on the cooler nut, if it fits you have the 92-96 style like in this listing. If it takes a larger wrench you have the HO style or 97-02 listed here.
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(((NOTICE))) Now available with Stainless steel hose fittings. This is a very high quality fitting upgrade (4 of them). Choose in drop down window below.

NOTE The block fittings and swivel fitting are mild steel. See video below.

Choose SS or Brass hose fittings

Product Price: USD 159.99

In an effort to insure you get everything you need you can now buy extra block fittings with 1/2″ npt (the kit already comes with 3/8″ npt). If you are unsure what size block fittings you need for an extra $14 you can buy both by adding these to your cart. (note there are no returns/refunds allowed on these).


Notice: when installing hoses hand tighten the hose connection until it firmly bottoms out, then give a quarter turn more with a wrench. If you over tighten the seat might deform and cause a leak.


This kit is recommended for the 1992-1996 and some 1997 6.5 liter Turbo Diesel engines with 3/8″ ports on the block above the oil filter. We developed this kit and are the only site offering it. We’ve had a lot of customers ask, “If I just need to replace the hoses, why do all the other kits require a new aftermarket cooler, when I have a perfectly good OEM cooler?” This kit will replace the leak prone OEM hoses with hoses that may very well outlast the rest of the truck. If your engine is ’92 – ’96, and early 97’s you will likely have a 3/8″ port on the block above the oil filter. Please double check fitting size prior to ordering. If you have 1/2″ ports on your block you have a High output oil pump and will need the other hose kit listed above. Kit fits 2WD and 4×4 models. On some early 4×4 vehicles the stock hoses maybe routed differently than this kit, but still works perfectly. We also offer a complete oil cooler kit .
Kit comes with two stainless braided hoses that are 5/8″, specially machined cooler adaptors, 45* swivel fittings and the block fittings.