LEROY’S Glow plug Relay override

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This is a Glowplug relay override kit. It will work on all 12 volt 6.5 and 6.2 diesel equiped vehicles with a glowplug relay like in the pictures and video.

Product Price: USD 29.99

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You only have one wire to run to the new override relay, it can be as small as 18ga wire. This wire is hooked to a momentary contact switch (that you supply). It can be a floor mount, a dash mount or even repurpose a factory hatch release switch. The choices are endless so I leave it up to you. Any autoparts store will have lots of choices (even a horn button will work)
There are no other wires you simply secure the new relay to your existing GP relay. The original GP relay will have to be relocated to make room for this kit. The Fuel Filter Manager bolt is a perfect spot (see video).
The reason you might need this kit: If you have trouble with cold starts sometimes the factory GP relay just does not provide a long enough cycle. Also, If you live in colder climates this is a great kit and will make cold starts easier.

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