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Product Price: USD 65.00



This is a Fuel filter base and element it has 1×14 threads and is made for fuel filters.
The idea of this kit is to allow removal of the tank sock. The tank sock is inside the fuel tank and over time can become cloged or if you get a bad batch of fuel, also a truck that has been sitting can develop algea in the fuel and will plug up a tank sock.
As the tank sock is inside the fuel tank it requires alot of time to remove clean/replace it.
With this kit you remove the sock and install this spin on filter set up, this allows for 2-5 minute filter changes in the future instead of dropping the tank each time. Element is 30 micron. This is what GM should have done from the factory, but they could save millions using a tank sock instead.

Kit includes element and mount.



The video below shows this kit installed along with the Carter LP system upgrade.

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