LIFT PUMP RELAY HARNESS for 1995-2000 trucks & Suburbans.

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LP relay harness 95 or 96-02

Product Price: USD 120.00



FOR 1995-2000 trucks/Suburbans.

See here for 92-94 apps

1996-2002 do not need to purchase Wait To Start Priming (WTSP ) as those vehicles have it from the factory.

1995 did not have WTSP from the factory. All our 1995 harnesses will come with it now. This means while your glow plugs are warming the Lift pump (LP) is turned on also. This can help the engine start faster with less cranking.

This is a Plug & Play Lift Pump Relay Harness for all 95-02 6.5 diesel pick up truck and Suburban applications.

It takes the heavy current load off your stock system and runs full battery voltage to the LP. That allows your LP to opperate at its full potential and greatly reduce the need to change Oil Pressure Sensor (OPS) and or LP.

This kit includes a momentary contact switch to operate the LP from under the hood. This is great when you have changed the fuel filter and need to bleed the air from it, makes it a one man job and in just a few seconds.

The factory system on some trucks (95) runs all the current through tiny contacts inside the OPS over a short period of time the OPS burns out because of that. On other trucks (96-02) the OPS is only used during cranking then the ECM takes over and powers LP via a relay, the problem with 96-02 is that the wires going to LP are still to small only 18 gauge. That in my opinion is why so many LP’s burn out so fast. So any LP on these trucks should be powered via a dedicated relay (even the stock type pumps will benefit).

On DC motors it is important to have full battery voltage because a voltage drop will make the motor perform less effecient. Just a 1 or 2v drop will reduce the maximum PSI a LP can produce.


LP relay harness is made from components made in the USA. The Relay is the weather pack style heavy duty and wires are marine grade. Uses high temp wire loom covering.  Harness is made by hand as ordered and is very high quality.


See this video for the WTS Priming option wire hook up.