P400 Camshaft 6.5 diesel (0 left in stock)

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Product Price: USD 299.00

P400 performance camshaft.

Will fit any 6.5 or 6.2 Hummer, Humvee, Truck, Van, Suburban.

It has been said by many experts that this cam is the best performance cam you can get for a 6.5 diesel. Also if AMG/GEP (supplier to the military) put it in the up-armored Humvee’s  that weigh in at 12000-16000 pounds they must be good.

I literally only have 4 of these cams at this time. Will update here as they are sold. In stock now (4 left)

I also run the 1.6 non adjustable Harland Sharp rocker arms on the shop trucks P400.

Intake & Exhaust
lobe center sep = 110.4 cam deg
valve overlap = -29 crank deg

valve opening = -23.3 ‘BTDC
lobe center = 110.4 ‘ATDC
valve closure = 22.7 ‘ABDC
Duration = 179.4 crank deg
max cam lift = .28″ inch
max valve lift = .42″ inch
lobe “area” = 18.17 inch * deg

valve opening = 28.3 ‘BBDC
lobe center = 110.4 ‘BTDC
valve closure = -5.7 ‘ATDC
Duration = 202.6 crank deg
max cam lift = .27996″ inch
max valve lift = .41994″ inch
lobe “area” = 20.59 inch * deg



Navistar, Detroit diesel, Bullet proof, bomb proof