Raptor 100 4G. Base or BCD kit.

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Here is the Raptor 100 “Big Chicken Dinner” (BCD) kit  choose option in drop down menu ($536). Or if you don’t need the BCD kit you can buy just what you need. Save money when you buy the BCD kit.

Raptor 100 BCD kit

Product Price: USD 536.00

The RAPTOR 100 is a custom manufactured 100 GPH gerotor pump capable of pressures up to 70 psi and designed for tough applications.


Has LIFETIME! warranty when you register it with Raptor.

All RAPTOR pumps feature a built in user adjustable fuel pressure regulator with a range of 8 to 70 psi. Pressure adjustments are now as simple as a twist of the screw! As an added bonus the RAPTOR requires no “return to tank” line thanks to it’s internal bypass design. Without a doubt, the RAPTOR offers the easiest installation on the market today. An excellent choice for trucks with moderate to extreme HP upgrades. Works equally well on stock vehicles. RAPTOR pumps offer a robust, high flow design in an easily installed package. RAPTOR systems feature factory style electrical connectors for a truly plug-n-play installation. Systems come complete with everything needed to install the RAPTOR gerotor pump on your diesel. Includes all new 1/2″ fuel lines, lift pump power harness and all hardware, fittings and misc needed for installation.

The Raptor Fuel Pump is a premium replacement lift pump for Diesel Trucks.
A complete installation kit is included.
Made for multiple flow rates for constant fuel supply to fuel injector pump.
1.A built in adjustable regulator; no return line needed
2.Single piece pump body reduces number of parts, size and weight. No leaky, messy gaskets!
3.”VacU” seal technology puts shaft seal under vacuum instead of pressure for long life.
4.Wire Screen in the inlet port for added protection
5.Includes a complete installation kit with no drill mounting bracket, wiring harness and 1/2″ big line fuel lines are standard

The RP-100 is recommended for stock and modified diesels.


The kit comes with its own “power harness” this is not the same as my LP relay harness though. Optionally if you purchase one of my LP relay harnesses it will be configured with proper connector that plugs into the Raptor pump. See more info about the LP relay harness here.

Choose your application in drop down menu. Note: you still need to choose an option in the above Add to Cart menu also. This is just for the optional LPRH.

Raptor LP Relay Harness (RLPRH)


Purchase Raptor BCD kit in menu and receive these bonus fittings also.

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