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Product Price: USD 1,390.00

The Super 60 turbocharger is the latest and greatest upgrade for your high performance 6.2 or 6.5L diesel.

A perfect match for both stock and modified engines with DB2 or DS4 fueling and side-mount exhaust manifolds! From mild to wild, this turbo will perform and provide the airflow needed across the entire RPM range.


  • Multiple turbine housing options to fit your specific needs
    • Available with or without internal waste-gate.
      • Internal wastegate models come set at 20psi and have large bypass valves to eliminate any boost creep or drive pressure spikes
    • Flow matched to the compressor output and engine displacement to reduce lag and increase performance
    • Consistently delivers <= 1:1 drive pressure ratios
  • Ultra light 60mm billet compressor wheel for maximum airflow
    • This wheel provides the ultimate in flow CFM while maintaining a very aggressive intake sound. The competition will know what’s under your hood! Do not buy this turbo if you don’t want to hear it!
    • Generates best in class mass air density across the board.
  • Built from the ground up to our specifications. 100% machined, assembled, and high-speed-balanced in the USA.
  • Compatible with aftermarket 3″ down-pipe location and flange.  We use a CNC machined flange to seal correctly with the 6.5L down-pipe and clamp
  • We highly recommend using our high flow intake plenum with this turbo 

Full bolt-on kit includes:

  • Super 60 Turbocharger
  • 3″ smooth transition down-pipe adapter
    • Allows for quick, simple installation & removal
    • Designed for 6.5L side-mount style manifolds and all popular turbo back exhaust kits
  • 3″ Exhaust V-Band clamp for down-pipe connection
  • Mounting hardware
  • Oil feed Inlet adapter fitting with built in flow restriction
  •  Oil drain kit ($120 value)




Guaranteed to out-perform and out-last all CKO HX35, HX40, and HX40WII configurations that are available!



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