Turbo Spool Stick

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Turbo Spool Stick

Product Price: USD 145.94

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The Spool Stick is a mechanical waste gate device  for GM5 and GM8 turbos witch are usually on 96-02 (vertical actuator) and also GM-4 usually on 94-95 (horizontal actuator) trucks/Suburbans. Competitors call it a Turbo Master.


This has been designed so no tools are required to make adjustments to the spring. It also has finer adjustments and all aluminum parts have been anodized so it looks better and performs better.


A boost gauge is required with this product so you can set/monitor you boost levels. To make hooking up a gauge easy see our Turbo Boost Bolt here.


The Turbo Spool Stick can be used if you are deleting the vacuum pump to help make the system more “Bullet Proof” The Vacuum pump system can be troublesome and expensive to repair/replace.

If you have not upgraded to a performance tune you should not run more than 8psi of boost max. With a performance tune 13psi max to be safe. Some people run more boost, but that is up to you and depends on the health of your engine. See tunes here.


GM5 and GM8

Below is what the GM4 version looks like installed.


Here is a customer review video.

Posted by Stephen SetteDucati on Saturday, January 20, 2018

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