AMG GEP Optimizer long block

Notice: International buyers (this means if you do not live in USA) please request an invoice by email, include a list of parts you want and your address. We will look up shipping cost and email you an invoice.

Product Price USD 7,349.00

Product Description

This is the Optimizer long block. Known for it strength and reliability. These are the same exact long blocks used in our military Humvees.


These are a stronger block than GM castings were. This is the best option out there for most people. When you add the cost to rebuild a GM casting if you can find one that’s not cracked its not worth it in my opinion unless all it needs is bearing, rings and seals. If the GM casting needs any machine work or has cracked web mains I advise just getting a brand new Optimizer.


I suggest some options to dress out a long block also. If you are spending this much you might as well protect it right. So first off is a Fluid Damper, then new injectors, the BF cooling system. After that Energy Suspension motor mounts, Glow plugs. The rest of the donor parts like intake/exhaust manifolds will bolt on from any 6.5 or 6.2.


For break in of the engine I suggest oil changes and filter at 20-30 minutes then 500 miles then every 3000 miles after that.


You will need to email me a request to purchase, quantity, your mailing address and what application do heads need to fit (truck, Sububan, Hummer/van…ETC).

I will reply with payment info and a total price. You can then make a bank/wire transfer for payment. I can take a personal or company check or money order also. Funds obviously will have to clear before processing the order.  (sorry no PayPal of credit cards for payment on these)


Typically a 4 week lead time on these plus a few days shipping. These can be picked up at the AMG warehouse in Franklin OH if you like also.