Carter Plug & Play for DS4 electronic IP.

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Carter LP Truck & Suburban


Raptor LP kit here.

Product Price USD 329.99

Product Description

Back by popular demand!!


We are bringing this pump back after much thought. Some back story on this: I used to sell this same kit years ago & created the first P&P kit.

This was when they were still made here in USA! about 2 years later Carter (these pumps) moved off to China to be made. At that point the quality

really suffered and I stopped selling them. I get multiple calls a week still for them.


So, I’m bringing them back with full disclosure that these are Chinese made pumps for an entry level price. The warranty will be 1 year and will have to go through Carter.


Im only offering a kit for Ds4 electronic injection pumps as these are around 10-15psi (to much for a DB2 IP).


The base kit will include,

One Carter pump with bracket & hardware.

Bolt on (no welding) Bracket adapter allowing pump to bolt into original mounting location.

Two P&P fittings for in/outlets. These allow the original hard lines to be used without cutting them (hacking).

Pigtail adapter to plug into original harness (but this is not recommended as even the stock LP overloads the OPS and stock system)

You should run our Lift Pump Relay Harness (LPRH) Click here. or buy the full kit option.


The full kit includes all from the base kit above and,

Lift Pump Relay Harness LPRH (choose your year in drop down menu)

In line filter ( allows removal of original tank sock, highly recommended).

Fittings and 3ft of 1/2″ hose to install the in line filter.