FASS Lift Pump kit.

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Product Price USD 449.99

Product Description

This is the FASS Lift Pump (LP) kit. It is complete from the tank connection to the FFM connection. It uses 1/2″ hose from the tank then reduces to 3/8″ just before the FFM.

This is a good choice for the DB2 injection pump but will work on all 1992-2002 6.5 diesel trucks & Suburban’s and is a big upgrade over the stock LP.


Kit contains:

The new FASS pump set at 10PSI

Custom mounting bracket (raw steel, you will need to paint/coat it), It bolts in factory location.

Fitting to connect to FSU on tank for 1/2″ hose.

1/2″ hose.

Inline filter.

2 year manufacture warranty.

Relay harness.


If you want the ultimate lift pump system see our Raptor BCD kit here

(The Raptor BCD is only for DS4 injection systems).