FLUID DAMPER fits DS4 or DB2 82-02

(((NOTICE))) All international customers (NON USA CUSTOMERS!!!). Please request an invoice by email. Include your postal code and a list of items wanted. Thank you. 


Please choose the harmonic balancer for your truck application below and if you want a new crankshaft seal with it..

DS4 Electronic IP. (No spacer needed) (choose this option if you have a PMD)


DB2 Mechanical IP. These will come with the spacer as shown in picture although some DB2 equipped engines wont need the spacer like newer optimizer long blocks that have the DS4 reluctor sprocket in them.

Fluid Damper

Product Price USD 528.70

Product Description

This is the Fluid damper harmonic balancer for the 6.2 and 6.5 diesel engines. It fits both the DS4 (electronic) and DB2 (Manual) injection pump equipped engines 1982-2002.

DB2 Mechanical IP will typically need the spacer while DS4 Electronic IP do not use the spacer.

The 6.5 crankshafts are known to be a weak point and if the original balancer stops working properly the chance you will break the crankshaft go’s up tremendously.
Check your original harmonic balancer every oil change for bulging/cracked rubber. If you see signs that old harmonic balancer might “let go” then change it ASAP! Also, the stock type balancer should be changed every 100K miles. The Fluid Damper is a lifetime part, you never need to change it.

Price is $489 shipped in USA.