HD Glow Plug Harness. Red only

Partnered with HotWire Innovations on this product. They make the best heavy duty GP harnesses. Glow plugs will have more current available to them making them much more efficient. Engines start faster so saves wear on the starter

Product Price USD 159.99

Product Description

These products have been created to exceed the performance of the diesel automotive wiring industry, by replacing the OEM harness to the most upgraded version using aircraft wire capable to withstand 392°F a much higher temperature than the OEM harness from factory this will keep the harness from becoming brittle and eventually fail in the most critical parts of the engine.

We use Aircraft Wire a much better cable capable to withstand 392°F VS GXL High Temp Automotive Wire only capable to withstand 257°F. The Automotive Industry has been using something similar to Aircraft Wire in extreme critical conditions but they tend to forget about the rest of the harness due to cost savings.

We use OEM terminals DELPHI/PACKARD, the required OEM fusible links, soldering every join as well as wrapping most of our harness with high temp insulation rated at 1200 DEGREES (NOT JUST ON THE CRITICAL POINTS). We are currently manufacturing glow plug wiring harness for 6.5L Turbo/ Non Turbo Diesel applications.