HP Upper Intake for Super 60, Holset, GMx turbos

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Upper intake

Product Price USD 299.99

Product Description

Choose from drop down menu what turbo and injection pump combo you are running. The DS4 version will have provisions for mounting the boost sensor and Air Intake Sensor (sensors not included) while the DB2 does not.


Complete your performance intake system with our laser cut, hand fabricated high-flow plenums for 6.2/6.5L diesels. Perfect for mechanical or electronic injection trucks with no extra fab work required to figure out where sensors will go.


On most engines, especially those with upgraded turbos, you will instantly notice less cruise boost, lower EGT and  corresponding IAT.  This all happens due to removing the restriction present in factory plenums so the turbocharger is not constantly pushing air up against a “wall”.


Intake Base Plate Option:

  • 6 bolt F Code 6.5L flange.
  • Curved Outlet – Tubular connection to side-mount turbo
    • 4 ply silicon coupling and t-bolt clamps are included with the option of 2.25″ or 2.5″ turbo outlets
    • These mate directly to the turbo and can be made in a few styles:
    • Super 60 or Holset turbos.  Allows you to upgrade & swap turbos while using the same plenum.
    • Stock GMX turbos. (You will have to clock turbo outlet upward).

*Both are 3″ pipe and come with a integrated hose lip for better coupling retention


 Sensor Style Option:

  • Mechanical Injection – 2x 1/8″ NPT sensor bungs with plugs
  • Electronic Injection – 2x 1/8″ NPT bungs, MAP Sensor Flange, and IAT sensor bung. The only simple BOLT-ON plenums for DS4 injection trucks
  • Neither style requires a “boost bolt” since the ports are built into the flange for you!

Flange bolts are included and new gasket also.

*These are fabricated to order and can take up to a week to ship.  Black high-temp paint is the default but they can come in a bare finish if you want to customize it.

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