(((50% 0ff))) LEROY’S Fuel Pressure Tap (FPT)


(((NOTICE))) All international customers (NON USA CUSTOMERS!!!). Please request an invoice by email. Include your postal code and a list of items wanted. Thank you. 



This item makes it very easy to add a fuel pressure gauge to your 6.5 equipped vehicle.

See here hose kit for gauge

Product Price USD 15.00

Product Description

Just reduced the price by 50% it was $30 now only $15.


Back story: I invented this product and the Turbo Boost Bolt produced it and brought it to market in 2005. It is made from billet Stainless Steel.


So about a year ago another company stole this product from me and sent it off to China to be made. They make it from regular steel with Chinese labor and material. A competitor company sells them for $15.


So, I have had to rework how we make these and the number I stock/make had to go up substantially in order for me to bring the price down by 50% but I have done it! If I have to I will cheapen the material in the future to say aluminum or steel to stay competitive, I don’t want to do that Id rather keep making them in higher quality Stainless Steel.


I hope you will consider buying this higher quality product from and American, home grown business, Made in USA product.