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10mm or 8mm

Product Price USD 65.00

Product Description

If you have stuck glow plugs the problem is probably the end has swollen lager the the opening of the hole. This tool will remove 99% of glow plugs in that case.

You just have to unthread the glow plug from the head so no threads are still in the head, attach the tool to the glow plug then screw the outer part of tool until it contacts the head. Next hold the inner with one wrench while rotating the outer part of tool. The glow plug should come out quickly. Be sure to lube the threads on tool before use with grease or oil.


These are for use on (Chevy, GMC, AMG, GEP, military, Detroit) 6.5 and 6.2 diesels 12 and 24 volt. Will also work on Ford 6.9 and 7.3 with 10mm glow plugs.


Note: Choose in the drop down menu if you need the tool for 8mm glow plugs. This would be for other applications like some Jeeps & possibly other models with 8mm glow plugs. Be sure before you buy. The 8mm will not work on models listed above for 10mm.


If your glow plugs have a 10mm hex and are similar in design to the ones in video it might work for you/other applications also? best to email me for info if you have a different application.