Social media referral program $10 refund

Hey! if you are bored and sitting at home waiting on the Chinese virus to take you away then get out and make a quick video before you go 🙂 HaHa


See below for details.

Product Description

So here at LeroyDiesel we are always trying to think outside the box and thought we could offer customers a way to get/earn a $10 refund off your past order!


Basically it works like this:

  1. You buy something from this website.
  2. You post a video about the products you bought here on a social media platform like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and also post a link to the product/s back to this web site in that video or video description.
  3.  You email me a link to the video you made.
  4. If you met the 3 requirements above you will be refunded $10 off your last purchase made here. (It helps if you email me from the same email address you made the original purchase with and/or include the PayPal transaction #)

Pretty simple and a win-win for us both. This program is good for purchases made from 01 Jan 2021 until we decide at some point to stop.