TimeKeeper DS4 or DB2 Timing Gear Set.

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TimeKeeper DS4 or DB2

Product Price USD 499.93

Product Description



We have the TimeKeeper back in stock again! I’ve had many customers ask to bring this back so we’ve done another run of them. Get one while they last.


DS4 are slightly different in that they require a Reluctor wheel and double hump key in addition to the TimeKeeper gear set so they do cost more than DB2 type.


If you order a DB2 TimeKeeper you will not get/need the reluctor or double hump key so the price is lower. Speaking of pricing the material cost, labor and processing of these gears went up a lot this time, but I’ve absorbed the cost to keep prices low.


You can choose the TimeKeeper for a DS4 electronic Injection Pump (IP) or a DB2 mechanical IP in the drop down menu right above the Add To Cart button.


Increased overall performance.

Keeps your timing rock steady throughout RPM .

MPGs might be improved.

Typically faster engine starts.

Better throttle response. Outlasts a timing chain and should never need replacing under normal conditions

These are quite gears and do not make the sound of a loud gear whine witch would get old very quickly.

NOTE: Be sure to soak the two smallest gears in oil for at least and hour prior to installing them. They cannot be run dry.


DS4 type shown here. DB2 type is below.


DB2 style shown here.


Videos of both types below

Video talks about a core charge for the reluctor wheel. I don’t charge that anymore as we have started machining our own reluctor wheels.