Turbo Spool Stick. New low price!

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Turbo Spool Stick

Product Price USD 100.94

Product Description

These were $145, lowered to $100 now! The difference is they will be shipped unassembled and in a raw aluminum. You will have to paint or coat them if you wish, but its not really needed as parts are made from aluminum and stainless.


Just assemble the parts so it looks like the picture. Note that GM-4 Spool Sticks will not have a lever that attaches to the turbo like the picture. Instead you just clip the turbo end to the turbo waste gate arm directly (see video below).


Note: this will not fit a Chinese turbo unless you drill a new hole in the bracket.


You must run an in cab pressure gauge to be able to set the spring tension and monitor boost in the future. To set the boost psi you just need to drive the vehicle as hard as you think you would ever need to then set the spring tension so boost psi is were you need it. This will take several times adjusting the spring. I recommend 8psi or less on a stock tune and the ECM most likely will go into limp mode if it sees an over boost condition and some trucks will just go into limp mode if the vacuum system is removed. You can set higher levels of boost if you have a ECM tune. (see our tunes on the turbo page here )


GM5/8 looks like this after install.