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We are asked everyday “what should I do to my 6.5 diesel truck”. Here is a list to get you started.

#1. Replace your stock oil cooler hoses with a set found in our Engine Lubrication page The stock hoses are very failure prone, if they let go you will destroy an engine.

#2 Inspect your harmonic balancer at every oil change for dry rot/bulging rubber. If it comes apart you will break the crankshaft. If in doubt about it replace it with this Fluid damper.

#3 Upgrade the Lift Pump (LP) system. This will dramatically help performance and support your engine for the following mods.

#4 Remote mount your PMD and carry a spare PMD mounted to a heat sink ready to go if you need it.

#5 Upgrade to a free flowing exhaust system. This will help turbo be more efficient and raise MPGs.

#6 Upgrade you Air Filter System. The S&B is a great system. On 97-2000 trucks and Suburbans they have a good system know as a K47. You just need a free flowing element for those witch are also in the Air Filter System link above.

#7 After you have done the above upgrades you are ready for a Tune and even a new ATT turbo.

There are many more upgrades you can do, but the above list will get you a very stout 6.5 running engine, it will be like driving a whole different truck! Any questions you may have just shoot us an email or call during business hours. (I actually answer the phone!)