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We are the only company to offer the new TURBO BOOST BOLT. . WHAT IS IT?? It is called the TURBO BOOST BOLT and it provides a very simple way to hook up your turbo boost gauge.

You just unscrew one of the factory bolts on the upper intake (CENTER FRONT OR REAR BOLT ONLY) then replace it with the TURBO BOOST BOLT. After it’s installed just run the hose from it to your gauge and you are done. This is a brand new product on the market specially machined for the 6.5 turbo diesel. We are the only manufacture of this item. No more removing and drilling on your intake again!! No need to buy new intake gaskets!! No expensive tools to buy (like a 1/4″ 0r 1/8″ pipe thread tap) Takes minutes to install. When you consider all that. The TURBO BOOST BOLT pays for itself. Because the center front and rear bolt locations on the intake are not blind holes and protrude into the boosted air stream. The TURBO BOOST BOLT extends into the intake and will pick up the boost pressure and transmit it to you gauge (SEE PICTURE) It is made of stainless steel. You will use the hose kit that comes with your gauge. If you need a hose kit I can sell them also. The TURBO BOOST BOLT comes with 1/8″ female pipe threads.

See here for gauge hose kit.


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